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Posts by Joshua Koach

Know and Reduce the Risks of Insect Spray

Insect Spray

When you’re just trying to enjoy the outdoors, but swarms of insects won’t stop trying to eat you alive, it can be tempting to douse yourself and your kids in bug spray. Using insect repellent can protect you and your family from dangerous insect-borne diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus, but some…

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DIY pest control this Autumn?

DIY Pest Control

DIY Pest Control techniques Autumn is now in full swing, and as the weather continues to cool down, a variety of unpleasant guests might be driven into your house by the falling temperatures. No, we’re not talking about crazy relatives; that’s a couple months from now. We’re talking about spiders, mice, stink bugs, and other…

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How to Choose a Good Pest Control Company

Pest Control Company

Six things to evaluate when selecting your pest control service When you’re choosing a pest control company, there are six important factors you need to consider – especially if you have children, pets, or other vulnerable people in your house. You want the service to be affordable, but more importantly, you want it to be…

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Fruit Flies – Keep them outside

How to Stop Fruit Flies from Taking Over Your Kitchen Autumn is now here, and with it comes the harvest, fresh fruit… and fruit flies. If your kitchen has ever been taken over by these agile flying pests, you know how hard it can be to hit them – and, even worse, how many you…

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Pantry Pests – Prevent them – Get rid of them

Pantry Pests love pasta

How to Make Pantry Pests Get Out and Stay Out Pantry Pests – out of all the places in your house where you can find pests, one of the worst is in your pantry. Clothes can be washed, carpets can be vacuumed, and floors can be scrubbed, but once your food gets contaminated, it’s usually…

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Spiders – keep them outside this year

PA spiders

How to Stop Spiders from Moving Into Your House This Autumn For many people, the phrase “there’s a spider in the house” is incentive to call for help, to grab a tissue or three with which to squish it, or to move out of town, burn down the building, and call in an air strike…

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Stink bugs – how to get rid of stink bugs in your house

stink bugs

How to get rid of stink bugs for good As the weather starts to cool down, thousands of stink bugs are being driven indoors to set up camp for the winter. These smelly pests may not be dangerous to humans, but their enormous numbers, ability to enter buildings through small spaces and eponymous stench can…

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Termites or water damage – how to tell


Termites in Western Pennsylvania Water-Damaged Wood in Western Pennsylvania is Attracting Termites. Here’s How to Protect Your Building. In the wake of the heavy rain and subsequent flooding that recently swept across western Pennsylvania, many homes and business buildings are still suffering from residual water damage. Unfortunately, the harm to some properties is only beginning.…

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Rodents – Mice and Rats


How to Prevent Mouse Infestations and Get Rid of Mice Autumn is slowly creeping up on Pennsylvania, and as the weather cools, rodents like mice may be driven into your home in search of warmth. Mice can be a problem all year round, but even the ones that would normally be content to live in…

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Bed Bugs Solution – how to identify and get rid of them

bed bugs

What is a great Bed Bugs Solution for your house? As we approach the end of the summer, many people are coming home from vacation with fun memories, a keen desire to use their own bed and bathroom again, and in some unfortunate cases, a newfound collection of bloodsucking bed bug hitchhikers. Bed bug infestations…

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