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How to Choose a Good Pest Control Company

Six things to evaluate when selecting your pest control service When you’re choosing a pest control company, there are six important factors you need to consider – especially if you have children, pets, or other vulnerable people in your house. You want the service to be affordable, but more importantly, you want it to be […]

Fruit Flies – Keep them outside

How to Stop Fruit Flies from Taking Over Your Kitchen Autumn is now here, and with it comes the harvest, fresh fruit… and fruit flies. If your kitchen has ever been taken over by these agile flying pests, you know how hard it can be to hit them – and, even worse, how many you […]

Spiders – keep them outside this year

How to Stop Spiders from Moving Into Your House This Autumn For many people, the phrase “there’s a spider in the house” is incentive to call for help, to grab a tissue or three with which to squish it, or to move out of town, burn down the building, and call in an air strike […]

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Termites or water damage – how to tell

Termites in Western Pennsylvania Water-Damaged Wood in Western Pennsylvania is Attracting Termites. Here’s How to Protect Your Building. In the wake of the heavy rain and subsequent flooding that recently swept across western Pennsylvania, many homes and business buildings are still suffering from residual water damage. Unfortunately, the harm to some properties is only beginning. […]

Rodents – Mice and Rats

How to Prevent Mouse Infestations and Get Rid of Mice Autumn is slowly creeping up on Pennsylvania, and as the weather cools, rodents like mice may be driven into your home in search of warmth. Mice can be a problem all year round, but even the ones that would normally be content to live in […]

Centipedes – how of you identify them and get rid of them?

How to Get Rid of Centipedes in Your Home As the summer progresses, you may have noticed that some many-legged newcomers have taken up residence in your home. These visitors may include centipedes, which are long, predatory arthropods that eat soft-bodied insects, spiders, worms and other arthropods, and will even devour other centipedes. These long-bodied […]

Selling your house – get rid of the pests

How to Raise Your Property Value and sell your House Faster using Pest Treatment When you’re selling your house, the potential buyer’s perception of your property plays a HUGE role in whether they choose to buy from you, and what kind of offer they give. If you want to get the best price possible for […]