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Pantry Pests – don’t let unwanted guests eat your bulk food

pantry pests

As the people in Pittsburgh’s North Hills become increasingly dedicated to their health and quality of life, many are buying more real food and cooking their meals themselves. To keep this practice affordable, people often purchase food in bulk and store it at home – which is a great strategy, as long as humans are…

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Winter Pest Control

winter pest control

Winter Pest Control: How to Keep the Warmth In and the Vermin Out If you aren’t a fan of the cold, and you’d rather be inside during the winter months, you aren’t alone. Spiders, stink bugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats all feel the same way, as do a variety of other pests, and they’d be…

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Wood loving pests in firewood

firewood contains wood loving pests

Well, we certainly are grateful this season if we have the warmth and beauty of a log burning fireplace.  Here in the north Pittsburgh suburbs many of us have one or more wood burning fireplaces.  This week our fireplaces are getting lots of use.  Wood is a wonderful thing. You can make a home with…

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Home Pest Control for 2018

home pest control

Happy Holiday Season! Will Your Home Pest Control be effective in 2018? It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over! Christmas day has come and gone, we are in the middle of the 12 days of Christmas and now it’s time to start getting ready for the new year. As you prepare for 2018,…

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Are Carpet Beetles Dangerous?

Carpet beetles

What You Need to Know About the Bugs Eating Your Rug The holiday season is in full swing, and those of you who celebrate it have probably started decking the halls in preparation for Christmas. Unfortunately, as festive as your fancy tablecloths, Christmas stockings, Santa hats, and other fabric ornaments are, you might not be…

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Bed Bugs Extermination from the holidays?

bed bugs extermination

Sleep tight this Holiday and don’t let the bed bugs bite Christmas is a time when people and presents are on the move – and so are the bed bugs that hitch a ride on them.  If you need bed bugs extermination, don’t put it off this holiday season, but we hope you follow our…

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Natural Holiday Decorations without pests

natural holiday decorations

Sometimes, the best holiday decorations are the ones we make ourselves. As pretty as the store-bought ornaments are, and convenient though an artificial tree may be, there’s nothing quite like having a Christmas tree you found and chopped yourself. Unfortunately, you might not be the only one who was attracted to your all-natural approach to…

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Pest infestations in holiday decorations

pest infestations

Thanksgiving just ended, and some of us are cleaning up our houses in the wake of the festivities and making plans to go hunting on Monday. Meanwhile, another holiday season is fast approaching, and many people are planning to go hunting in their attics and basements in preparation to make another, prettier mess: decorating for…

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Overwintering Stink Bugs – what to do

Overwintering stink bugs

Overwintering Stink Bugs: What to do About Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs As Thanksgiving Day draws near, many of us are getting ready for an influx of guests. Unfortunately, in the midst of preparing for fun and festivities, some people are discovering a different and much less welcome type of visitor in their home: brown marmorated…

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