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Preventing Warehouse Rodents

If you’ve ever had warehouse rodents before, you know preventing them is the best strategy - Let’s talk simple ways you can prevent warehouse rodents.

At Boos, we believe in the saying “prevention is the best medicine”. And if you’ve ever experienced rodents before, you know preventing them is a much better strategy than battling them. Let’s talk about some simple ways that you can prevent warehouse rodents in the long run.

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Pantry Pests – don’t let unwanted guests eat your bulk food

pantry pests

As the people in Pittsburgh’s North Hills become increasingly dedicated to their health and quality of life, many are buying more real food and cooking their meals themselves. To keep this practice affordable, people often purchase food in bulk and store it at home – which is a great strategy, as long as humans are…

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Overwintering Stink Bugs – what to do

Overwintering stink bugs

Overwintering Stink Bugs: What to do About Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs As Thanksgiving Day draws near, many of us are getting ready for an influx of guests. Unfortunately, in the midst of preparing for fun and festivities, some people are discovering a different and much less welcome type of visitor in their home: brown marmorated…

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Holes in clothes – Why are my sweaters full of holes?

holes in clothes

Holes in Clothes Have you ever had one of those days when you opened your closet, pulled out your favorite sweater, and found a bunch of little holes in it? Those tiny tears weren’t there before, and you don’t remember abusing the sweater, so why is it suddenly damaged beyond the point of being presentable…

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Ticks Prevention in Western PA

ticks are in those woods

Do-It-Yourself Tick Yard Treatment and Tick Bite Prevention If you spend any amount of time outside, there’s a chance you could be bitten by a wood tick. And as the leaves begin to really fall this weekend – there are lots of opportunities to be in the wrong place. This is especially likely if deer,…

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Fall Pest Prevention

Fall Pest Prevention

Fall: that magical time when the leaves change color, the weather gets cool and all kinds of tiny animals decide that your house looks warm and they should go inside. Some of these fall pests can cause major problems, especially if their presence goes unnoticed long enough for them to harm your family or home.

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Know and Reduce the Risks of Insect Spray

Insect Spray

When you’re just trying to enjoy the outdoors, but swarms of insects won’t stop trying to eat you alive, it can be tempting to douse yourself and your kids in bug spray. Using insect repellent can protect you and your family from dangerous insect-borne diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and West Nile virus, but some…

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